Coffee Notes (1)

From that time I served coffee

by cS

Some coffee notes that were passed down to me from a fellow barista from my first real job when I served coffee in Houston

14 grams of fine (for espresso) ground coffee for a double shot; 8 grams for a single.

20-30 seconds of brewing.

:confused: Ok, now?

:smile: Mocha.


Milk, coffee (fine, grinded), ice, mocha, agave honey & cinnamon

What to do?

For one 16 ounce drink, first pour mocha chocolocate at the bottom of the glass, then pour 11-13 ounces of almond milk, then add ice; which can take up to 2-4oz. Finally, for a more aesthetic look and a quick boost, pour two or one shots of espresso on top. :coffee: :heart:

If you are feeling experimental maybe some agave honey and cinnamon.