How Code Simplified my Work.

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Soon after I started my job as a barista I was given an invitation to begin transcribing for a doctor at a Medical Center.

I tought, well, I have zero experience at transcribing, much less transcribing medical documentation. “Whatever, you can learn on the job”, the doctor told me – ok.

While at the job, on a regular day I would be smashing the keyboard with at least 30-40 pages of transcription – almost like writing 3 final papers per day. One day I got tired and sarted to code this system that automated the whole thing. It took me about a week and half to build something ‘functional’, the whole point of it was to dumb down the process to a point and click type of thing.

Once it was finished I wasn’t sure if I wanted to present it to my boss since she could have easily seen that I was doing minimal work and basically letting the machine do the heavy lifiting for me. Eitherway I told her of my invention.


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